about me flora or fae 20 black latina any pronouns no they/them please enby queer gendered terms are ok!

i love... women, horror, y2k aesthetics, 90s ggs, 70s & 80s music, milfs, cybercore, fairies, reality tv, city pop, new jack swing & desperate housewives

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© dillfie

guidelines im on here to be nosy so i don't tweet lol, i tend to block ppl randomly

dfi you only talk about kpop (esp if you stan bts, p1harmony, stray kids, and treasure), larrie, anti black, a genshin impact or minecraft youtuber enjoyer, obsessed with lana del rey or mitski, hate harry styles or girl groups, you complain about teen dramas having sex in them (LOSER!) after that i just block lol

kpop don't really care for it anymore but i like bp, snsd, f(x), babyvox, aespa, boa, red velvet, twice, exo, shinee, fromis9, ive & casually listen to girl groups

music ariana, harry styles, janet jackson, beyoncé, britney spears, namie amuro, tomoko kawase, hikaru utada, megan thee stallion, sza, spice girls, doja cat, fleetwood mac, olivia rodrigo, pinkpantheress + many more